Postcard with circles

Step 1: What you need:
1. Milky watercolor paper (with finely embossed texture).
2. Light orange and red thick paper.
3. Creamy pastel paper.
4. Scissors.
5. Shaped scissors.
6. A ruler.
7. A pencil.
8. Red sewing thread.
9. A thin needle.
10. A thin red lace.
11. Red lace ribbon 2” (5 cm) wide.
12. Stapler.
13. Red or rose staples.
14. Red beads in the form of butterflies and shamrocks.
15. A pair of compasses.
16. Double-sided tape.
17. Double-sided foam tape.

Step 2: Get a sheet of A5 watercolor paper and with a ruler fold it in half crosswise.

Step 3: Attach a lace ribbon to the bottom of the card.

Step 4: Fix the ribbon on the sides of the card with the stapler. Use two staples on each side.

Step 5: Fix the ribbon near the fold of the card.

Step 6: This is how the card will be looking inside.

Step 7: With the pair of compasses draw a circle 2” (5 cm) in diameter on the pastel paper. On the red paper draw a circle 1-1/2” (4 cm) in diameter and on the watercolor paper draw a circle 1-1/8” (3 cm) in diameter. Cut the circles using shaped scissors.

Step 8: Fold the lace to make a bow.

Step 9: Make a bow 2” (5.5 cm) long.

Step 10: Tie a bow tightly and cut off the excess lace.

Step 11: Push the red thread through the needle.

Step 12: Run the needle into the creamy circle leaving 0,4” (1 cm) from the edge.

Step 13: Sew the bow down to the circle with several stitches.

Step 14: Fix the thread on the back side of the circle.

Step 15: Make a knot.

Step 16: Cut off the thread.

Step 17: Stick the tape to the circle.

Step 18: Adhere the circle to the card.

Step 19: Run the needle with the thread into the right upper corner of the card.

Step 20: Put the butterfly on the thread.

Step 21: Sew the butterfly with several stitches.

Step 22: Sew the second butterfly at the left upper corner.

Step 23: In the same way sew down the shamrocks in the lower corners of the card.

Step 24: Fold a light orange paper 5-1/2Х8” (14X20 cm) in half.

Step 25: Cut its edges with shaped scissors. In the center cut half of a heart 2-1/2” (6 cm) in height.

Step 26: Unfold the sheet of paper.

Step 27: Stick the tape to the sheet of paper.

Step 28: Adhere this sheet inside the card.

Step 29: Fold a red square 1-3/4Х1-3/4” (4.5X4.5 cm) in half.

Step 30: Cut half of a heart using shaped scissors.

Step 31: Unfold the heart.

Step 32: Stick the tape to the heart.

Step 33: Adhere the heart to the center of the card inside.

Step 34: Stick the foam tape to the red and creamy circle.

Step 35: Adhere the red circle to the creamy one and the creamy circle to the red one. (The creamy circle is for any text or a photo). The card is finished!

Lesson added by Bunzarintana Rembrandt